#BooktubeAThon Movie Magic

This week, I’ve mentioned, is the BooktubeAThon, a weeklong reading phenomenon taking place on YouTube. While the objective of any readathon is to read as much as possible, there are specific challenges regarding book choice and how they are read. Additionally, since all the participants interact through video connections (which we do all the time), the host had to find another way to amp up this weeks’ contributions. One way is to have participants show how they interact with the stories they are reading. Everyday, a new video challenge is announced and everyone (those who choose to complete it), has a few hours to get it done and submit. Yesterday, the challenge was to create and film a movie adaptation for a scene from a book you’re reading or have read.

Now, this isn’t my forte and it’s definitely not my best video appearance but with only a few minutes to film and edit (yesterday was a REALLY busy day for me), I came up with a little skit from one of my favorite books last year – The Sun Is Also A Star, written by Jamaican American author, Nicola Yoon.

Click to watch my video and feel free to judge it harshly, but only if you’ve made your own video that you want to share.

Other than making weird videos and posting them on the internet (insert winking emoji here), I’ve been reading up a storm. I’ve already completed 2 books this week:

  • A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki which was a finalist for the 2014 Man Booker Prize and which right now, I think should be more widely renowned
  • Here and Gone by Haylen Beck which I read and reviewed here a few days ago

2 down, 6 more to go 🙂

What about you: how is your week going?

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. josiah harry says:

    Look at you, Ms. Multitalented and Multifaceted! It was a delight to see your portrayal of those characters. Keep being amazing!


  2. Very cool. I’ve never made a video of my talking about books, or actually really of anything. I’m not good in photos or cameras! Good reads this week.


  3. Kay says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching these book tube videos the last 7 days!!


  4. Drangonfly says:

    This was fun! I enjoyed a lot 😊 Never thought of acting a book very creative 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks. This one was easy because the characters are so familiar to me.

      Liked by 1 person

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