Eavesdrop Inspiration

… at Starbucks and there are three men across the table from me. I’m sitting at the “community table”, trying to write, to work on my made-up stories but their conversation is infinitely more interesting to me so now I am distracted. The two younger men are business partners, the older one is some type of consultant for small start-ups in this community. The consultant is talking about one of his own partners, a woman who knows everything about the community, works to promote this community but who lives elsewhere…

That’s weird, right? If this is the best place you know, why wouldn’t you live here? His story reminds me of so many inconsistencies between what we practice and what we preach, like:

  • Overweight doctors who smoke
  • Fitness bloggers who don’t exercise as often as they plan to (guilty as charged)
  • Philandering pastors
  • Divorced marriage counselors
  • Self help authors who don’t follow their own advice
  • Depressed therapists
  • Broke financial advisers

Tell me you don’t know at least a couple people who fit one of these categories, or is it just me?Sometimes, it’s not so drastic though. Like you don’t have to be a famous self-help author to give advice. We tell people what to do all the time, right?  But do you always follow the advice you dispense – do you always practice the messages that you preach? And if you don’t, why not? What can you do differently to improve your life with the things you already know that you should do better?

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… one of the young men smiled in my direction, and said hello. I wonder if he knew I was writing about them. And if he did, would he prefer to appear in my blogging or my fictional story. If I know you, feel assured you’ll end up in my writing in some capacity or another because I can find a lesson in the most generic interaction. For now, thanks for the inspiration, gentlemen.

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  1. There’s so much material out there. No need to go far to be inspired!


    1. Run Wright says:

      … only as far as the neighborhood Starbucks 🙂

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