August Haul

As a Booktuber, there is some amount of pressure to acquire lots of books so you have more to chat about in videos. If you’re going to make video wrap-ups and participate in book tags and so on, it just makes sense to have books around to refer to. Of course you don’t need to have something around to be able to discuss it, but it does make it easier to reference details if the book you’re talking about is readily accessible. Earlier this year, I joined a challenge to remind myself to read more of what I purchase instead of just buying pretty books to say I own them. I talk more about the challenge in this post.

In August, I got 10 more books, which brings my year-to-date acquisition to 90. Yikes! I didn’t realize it was so many until I started to run out of room on my shelves and tallied up each month’s haul. It’s a lot but I’ve also read 40 of what I got this year so I am doing well with my challenge. The other good thing is that I haven’t bought all 90. Quite a lot of my new books were received from publishers/publicists in order for me to complete a review and most of what I bought came from a library or thrift store sale which means that I only spent a couple dollars on each one.

My August haul includes:

Review Copies
  • Thief’s Mark /Carla Neggers
  • Dirty Wars and Polished Silver /Lynda Schuster
  • How To Behave In A Crowd /Camille Bordas
  • The Windfall /Diksha Basu
Bought Used
  • White Teeth /Zadie Smith
  • Lily And The Octopus /Steven Rowley
  • The Shadow of The Wind /Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • What If /Randall Munroe
Subscription Box
  • The Hearts We Sold /Emily Lloyd-Jones
  • Sleepy Hollow & Other Short Stories /Washington Irving

Click to watch my video where I share what I know about each title. You also get to see my reaction to opening my first ever subscription box.

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  1. johnrieber says:

    Great post! I have about 30+ books I own but haven’t read – certain times of year are easier to get caught up, then more come out and I’m right back in the same place…love these discussions


  2. Angela says:

    It’s so funny that you wrote about book buying today, because I just wrote a blog post this morning about the birthday book spree I’m going on. Every year on my birthday, I spend the whole day going from bookstore to bookstore buying books. I definitely have a problem of buying books faster than I can read them!

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  3. I cannot remember if I watched this yet! I will give it a look after the kid settles down haha. He is currently rolling all over me on the couch. I think he may have missed me this summer 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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