Plant The Flag

Setting the goal might just be the most important step towards your accomplishments. Without having set the goal, how do you know what you’re working towards? How will you know when you’ve gotten to where you want to go?

Setting a goal is like planting a flag on land you want to own and declaring it's already yours

I set and share some of my goals on the blog on a regular basis. In January, I outlined some of my 2017 plans and this weekend was a big celebration of the accomplishment of  one of those goals. The Pathfinders had a ceremony to pin all the children who had successfully completed their class requirements and it was big deal, especially for the ones who had just finished their first year. Of course, there were some disappointments. There were children who didn’t pass their exams and had to sit through a ceremony where their friends received pins and they didn’t. While that was an introduction to one of the harsh realities of life, I hope that they also made a determination not to let that happen again. I talked to them about it and reminded them that sometimes, disappointment can be the perfect catalyst for change. It’s a reminder to reset your goals and start again if necessary.

Setting a goal is like planting a flag on land you want to own and declaring it’s already yours

Right after this major event, I set some new goals for the Pathfinder club too because celebrating success is just acknowledgment that we’re ready for the next step. Every milestone, I believe, should be the baseline for the next round of plans.  Next year, I want all the children to pass their exams. But more than that, I want to introduce the program to even more children, to meet even more of their needs, for the club to provide real ministry, not just entertainment and social engagement. We can do it, but it starts with goal setting. With determining what we want so we can work towards it.

What about you? What are some goals that you are setting for yourself or for the groups that you are involved in?  

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  1. Great post – loved it!

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks for reading, Jay

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  2. HoHo Runs says:

    The goals I had at the beginning of the year have certainly changed. Life happened. So, I’m glad your mentioned how we can reset our goals and start again. That’s definitely a key to successful accomplishment. Thanks for linking!

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