Apple Picking Of A Different Kind

Although I’ve been in New York for several years and love all things fall related, I’ve never gone apple picking in an orchard. Every time, something comes up to railroad whatever plans I make to do that. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I jumped at a book tag where you associate books with varieties of apples.

Click below to watch the video on my YouTube channel.

What about you? Have you gone apple picking the traditional way? Or, why not? And tell me your response to one of the prompts that I mentioned in the video. 

The prompts:

  • Granny Smith An overbearingly sweet work or character
  • Fuji A work about a mountain
  • Red Delicious A book that’d be perfect if it was only judged by its cover
  • Golden Yellow A book with yellow on the cover
  • McIntosh A writer that has influenced or would influence your writing
  • Honeycrisp A book you have read that is in great demand.
  • Baldwin A writer you feel needs recognition due to stunted acclaim
  • Empire A work about or set in New York
  • Gala A work that fits under many genres
  • Ambrosia A long work that was easy to follow
  • Jazz A work written in or after 2010 that demonstrates freshness and originality
  • Mutsu– A big book that you indulged
  • What is your favorite apple?

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  1. Kay says:

    Gosh what a unique concept for a book challenge. I kinda like it!! Gonna check the vid.

    Liked by 1 person

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