The Last 5

If you’d be interested in seeing the last 5 pictures on my phone…

I am no professional image-maker but I find beauty in the candid shot. So when my friend sent me this one that her phone captured mistakenly when we met for a hot cocoa and a catchup on Friday, I saved it to share it with you guys.

This weekend, we had our first snow of the season. Well, technically, it’s not even winter yet, so let’s call it a preseason chill, complete with a dusting of white powder. 

I made these cocktail meatballs for a little celebration lunch we were having at church and they were a hit. I also made potato croquettes but I forgot to take a picture before I packed them and they disappeared from the table before I could even snap one at the event.

The children led out in the service and they did a great job. 

Click below to hear the children singing

And earlier this morning, I met my goal of reading 102 books, which is awesome since I probably won’t meet any of the really ambitious goals I set for myself this year. I will take my wins where I can get them

What are the last 5 pictures on your phone of? And what would they say about you?


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Bonus if you made it all the way to the bottom of the post, here is my favorite outfit from last week and it’s another candid shot. You can tell I am not about the posed faux-perfection  

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  1. Love the color combination of your favorite outfit!


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