February Goals

I suppose it’s a little late to be talking about monthly goals since today is already February 9th but there’s a whole lot of month still to go so why not! As I told you in this post, I haven’t been posting about my goals much because I wasn’t being very productive and I didn’t think you would want to hear me talk about things that I think about doing  but don’t actually do. But then not posting means I don’t have the accountability that blogging gives me so I became even less productive. It’s a vicious cycle and writing these posts helps me to escape it. I started writing my daily goals in my journal again. That’s a start but here’s a overview of what I planned to accomplish this month, plus a more realistic reassessment now that 8 days have already passed.

Goal / updated realistic plan moving forward

  • Write A LOT in February. I’ve been doing a daily challenge, trying to write SOMETHING every day. So far, it’s working well. I haven’t written as much as I would have liked but the daily habits are returning. 
  • Submit SOMETHING to be published. I looked up some online writing contests and I am working on a story that I will submit this month
  • Produce 20 videos for my YouTube channel this month. That number isn’t happening since I only made 2 of the 5 videos I wanted to last week. A more realistic goal is 12 videos this month, which would still be a lot
  • Get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube. I am almost there so if you’re not already subscribed, I’d love to interact with you there too 
  • Read 12 books this month. I’m behind a little bit but that’s easy to catch up on
  • Run outdoors, even 4 times. So far, I haven’t run. It’s cold. Way too cold for me. In previous years, I’ve pushed myself to run in the cold (see exhibit A) but what usually happens is that I get sick afterwards. This year, I am taking every preventative measure I can to NOT get sick so running outdoors isn’t something I plan to do until the temperatures get at least over 50 degrees.
  • Meet all project deadlines. That’s in my organization, my personal life and with my writing.  If I commit to producing something by a specific time, I want to do it.  So far, I’ve missed a few targets – a mailing because I didn’t get the notification, another mailing because one of the items didn’t arrive on time and a report because the software had a glitch. But things will improve from here on out if I can control it. 

And that’s it. I have a couple more goals that are on the personal side so I’ll keep those a little closer to the chest but I’ll tell you about them if I reach them.

What about you? What are your goals this month and how are you progressing with them?

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  1. subscribed 🙂 good luck with your goals!

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  2. I love reading about goals. You’re right, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself and “force” yourself to run when it’s so cold. There are other ways to work out. Great goals, I love your posts 😊

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks so much for the support, Cheila. I hope you’re having a great weekend.


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