March (and February) Madness

In February, my goals were simple (I talked about setting them here):

  • Write something every day in February. I did – well, that is, until I got the flu. But I have an outline for a couple new stories, built from my burgeoning daily writing habit. That’s something to work on.
  • Submit SOMETHING to be published. I did not, which is why I now have to work overtime in March.
  • Produce 12 videos for my YouTube channel. I only published 8 videos. Way less than my original goal of 20, and still less than my amended goal of 12. What can I say, winter makes it hard to film.
  • Get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube. I now have 1,050+ subs. Thanks to all of you who followed me there. Click here if you haven’t checked out my videos yet  
  • Read 12 books this month. I read 13. More on that later.
  • Run outdoors, even 4 times. Nope. I didn’t run. Not even once, because I didn’t want to run in the freezing temperatures and get sick, but then I got sick anyway so maybe winter is no longer a valid excuse. As soon as this cold weather breaks, I’ll be back to lacing up my running shoes.
  • Meet all project deadlines. I came close to success in the middle of the month and then relapsed to my bad habits.

I didn’t accomplish everything I set out to do but I learned a valuable lesson. If you want to do something, no matter how much time you have to complete it, start working on it as soon as possible. I got the flu somewhere in the middle of the month. I was fighting a cough, propping up feelings of low energy with drinks and vitamin supplements but not really getting energetic enough to do much more than get up out of bed in the morning. When I was getting sick, I really couldn’t work on my goals. But there was time in the beginning of the month that if I had worked on finishing them then, I might have been successful.

Lesson: Never put off for next week what you can complete today.

This month, my goals are, again, pretty simple.

  • Write every day
  • Submit SOMETHING to be published.
  • Upload 20 videos on YouTube
  • Get to 1200 subscribers on YouTube.
  • Meet 20 new people
  • Host 4 club meetings / events
  • Read 12 books
  • Run outdoors x 5
  • Meet all project deadlines

I have some writing, some reading, some running, some recording, some networking, some leading and some teaching to get done. I know what I have to do, I just have to start doing it ASAP so things don’t get crazy at the end of the month. I’m starting today.

What about you? Did you meet your February goals? What are you changing to be more successful this month?

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  1. I love how goal oriented you are. It’s a bit inspiring, if I do say so. 🙂

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    1. Jess T. says:

      I agree! My goals are pretty simple, and pale in comparison to yours. I stick to writing blogs about once a month, and have no solid goal for how many I produce. It’s mainly just writing on a whim. As for running, I also do that whenever possible because sometimes I’ll get to the gym with full intention of running and its just too jam packed to get a treadmill. Ah, excuses!

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      1. Run Wright says:

        Lol at the excuses. Sometimes writing on a whim is the way to have the most fun when you do it so there’s that too.
        Thanks for the comment, Jess.

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    2. Run Wright says:

      Thanks, AS. I try, even when I don’t succeed 😉

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  2. Mischenko says:

    Congrats on going over many of your goals! I love your YouTube videos and often wonder how you have time to keep up with everything. I’d say you’re managing quite well! 💖😉

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Aww, thanks, Mischenko.

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  3. Wow, super busy and organized. I need a nap after reading how much you do each month.

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    1. Run Wright says:

      Lol. Some weeks / months, I have a lot of help to reach my goals.

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