International Women’s Day 2018

There’s great quote that says We rise by lifting each other. Physically, I am not sure that that’s possible but in terms of emotional support, just as our mood improves when we are actively involved in helping someone, we can also develop our business by taking on an apprentice or mentee and helping them to grow. Authors support one another by reading and reviewing each other’s books – a great blurb from a famous author can help a new novelist get noticed and when said newbie becomes successful, that connection can help the more established writer get a backlisted book being discussed in literary conversations all over again.

On International Women’s Day, I decided to try to link female authors by the blurbs printed on their novels – usually, these recommendations are from authors who write a similar genre or share a publisher but let’s pretend that they are all just friends.

Click to watch the video on YouTube

Happy International Women’s Day to you and I hope that wherever in the world you are, that you are being celebrated today and always.

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What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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