I let 5 Booktubers Pick My TBR

How do you choose your next book to read?

Do you browse your shelves and pick out something that grabs your attention? Or are you more methodical in storing your books in order of how long you’ve owned them and thus, you pick up the book that’s spent the longest time on your unread shelf? Do you read with a book club so someone else chooses the books that you’ll read next? Are you a mood reader, matching your book to holidays or the weather? Or are you open to recommendations, looking to see what other people are reading, and actively seeking out those books.

I’ve done all of those things. This time, I let 5 bookworms recommend books to me. Click to watch the video

The books were:

The Outcasts of Time /Ian Mortimer


The Outcasts of Time is about two brothers living in England during the 1300s. On their way home from a war, they are afflicted with the deadly black plague and have a supernatural experience where they given the choice of how they want to spend their last few days on earth – return home to die with their families, thereby infecting their loved ones and sacrificing their lives too, or live one day at a time for the next several centuries, doing good in the world but giving up the chance to see their relatives ever again. This religious fantasy traces the evolving ideas of right and wrong, heaven and hell, religion and heresy as the characters make their way through the ages and the book includes lots of quotable sentences about life and time and history and religion and the fleeting ideas of permanence.

Was this book a good choice for me? Yes! I enjoyed the historical and religious discussion that it engaged in. 

The Buried Giant /Kazuo Ishiguro

Set in the rural English countryside in an age long past, an older couple, Axl and Beatrice grow increasingly concerned about the mist that settles over their village and steals memories, and disadvantaged because they are being forced to live in darkness. They eventually set off to reunite with their son who has long moved away, and along the journey, they meet and are either helped or attacked by strangers who help reveal the true nature of their quest . While the story seems to be a fantasy in the style of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, this is more like the allegorical novel that Ishiguro seems to be known for and deals with history and politics and aging decline.

Was this book a good choice for me? Yes! I wouldn’t have chosen it on my own but I found lots of literary quality in it

Stay with Me /Ayobami Adebayo


The novel was about a Nigerian Yoruba couple’s experience trying to conceive children and the toll it takes on their relationship when they eventually have and lose children. The story takes place at the intersection between a complex, traditional culture and a more modern view of family and offers a glimpse into the practice of polygamy, the changing societal view on women, and the active belief in spirit realm and its impact on their lives and customs.

Was this book a good choice for me? Yes. I enjoyed the story. 

Circe /Madeline Miller


Circe is a retelling of Greek mythology about the daughter of sun god Helios and a nymph named Perse. Circe’s secret is that while she is mocked for her appearance, she is like a seed that contains the power to become a mighty tree, foreshadowing her later role as a sorceress who can transform others into the manifestation of what they harbor in their heart. The story attempts to introduce all the Olympian and Titan gods, showing how they relate to each other, and ultimately to relate morals to the philosophy of our lives.

Was this book a good choice for me? I enjoyed reading it but wouldn’t pick up another like it

The Cellar/ Natasha Preston


A 16-year-old named Summer is abducted in her sleepy English town and held captive in a cellar along with a group of other women. Her abductor kills prostitutes but also kidnaps and keeps young woman to create his perverted version of a family.

The story contains alternating timelines and is told through multiple perspectives – Summer, her boyfriend Lewis who refuses to quit searching, even from the view of the kidnapper himself, explaining why he does what he does.

While this is rated YA 14 and up, it contains inappropriately graphic scenes.

Was this book a good choice for me? No. I didn’t enjoy the plot and found more flaws than favors while reading. 


So how do you choose your books? When was the last time someone chose a book for you and what did you think when you read it? 

Amazon affiliate links are included so you can click the titles and buy the books if you’d like a recommendation from me. Whatever your next book choice, Happy reading!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mischenko says:

    I’m definitely a mood reader! I just saw a fairly negative review on Circe this morning. I do still have it added. Sorry you didn’t really enjoy The Cellar. I’ve been looking forward to it. Interesting picks. 💜


    1. Run Wright says:

      I can see Circe being a polarizing read so I’m looking forward to chatting with you when you read it.


  2. Kate W says:

    Every so often I do a reader poll to help choose what I read next…but of course I choose which books are in the poll 😬
    I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I choose what to read next – was fascinating to see how others picked their next book (although like me, there was a lot of whim at work!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      I’ve done a poll like yours too – recently I asked my YouTube subscribers to choose between 7 ManBooker prize winning books that I had on my TBr shelf. But it’s also fun to try out books you’d never look at otherwise

      Liked by 1 person

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