Getting books from NYPL

As if I didn’t have enough books on my shelves that I need to read (and read soon too), I picked up some new books from the library today. The New York Public Library allows you to access their entire catalog (which includes millions of books) online and select the items that you’d like to check out and have them sent to your local library for pick-up. Sometimes, the wait time for a popular book could be months. Sometimes, when there are many more copies of the book than people wanting to read it, you might reserve a book and get a notice within a couple of days that it’s available for pick-up. That inconsistency with wait times means that when I find a book that I want to read, I hit the catalog and make my request known. Since I am trying to read as many of the Man Booker prize winning books as I can for #ManBooker50, I reserved several titles and over the last few days, I’ve gotten emails that the novels are ready for pickup.

Once a reserve arrives at your local library, they are put on a shelf with the intended reader’s name and a hold-expiry date, usually 7 to 10 days for you to come in and collect the book. After that, the hold expires and the book either gets sent back to the originating branch or on to the next reservation.

Today, I had to stop by and collect my reserves because a few of the holds expire on May 15th and if I want to try to read them by the end of the month, there is almost no chance that if I lost my place in line, I would be able to renew my reservation and get the books back by then. So today, I have 8 new library books on my TBR table – 5 of which are Booker books.

  • The Golden Notebook /Doris Lessing is the compendium of four separate journals kept by a novelist where the stories she intended to keep separate
  • Gilead/Marilynne Robinson (Gilead #1)introduces the Ames and Boughton families at the forefront of the Gilead trilogy
  • Lila /Marilynne Robinson (Gilead #3) concludes the Ames and Boughton family history.

  • Rites of Passage /William Golding (Booker 1980) shares the fictional journal of an Australian-bound traveler during the early 1800s
  • Life and Times of Michael K/J. M. Coetzee (Booker 1983) is set in South Africa where a civil war detains an anxious son trying to return his dying mother to her birthplace in her final days.
  • Moon Tiger /Penelope Lively (Booker 1987) compares the historical account a dying author would rather write with the real story of her (fictional) life.

  • Possession/A. S. Byatt (Booker 1990) shares the love story that develops when scholars research the letters and journals of two Victorian authors.
  • The Ghost Road /Pat Barker (Booker 1995) compares the mental trauma treated by a military therapist during World War I with his earlier assignment as a missionary doctor.


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When did you last visit your library? What books did you take home with you?

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