Wedding Plans

One of my friends is getting married soon. No, this isn’t like when Clinton inquired about the POTUS twitter handle and said “I’m asking for a friend”

I am happy for her because she is having the small, intimate wedding that she said she wanted, despite the pressure from the family and friends who have tried to force their ideas on her. It’s a garden ceremony and I’m still trying to decide between a few dresses and shoes options that are dressy but won’t sink in the grass.


I also put her in touch with a  vendor who is making the cake for the rehearsal dinner and I am so in love with these cake boxes that the baker suggested using to make party favors.

I don’t get invited to a lot a weddings so this must be why I’m so looking forward to this one. I left Jamaica right at the time a lot of my high school friends were starting to settle into long term relationships and a lot of the friends I made here in New York were already married when I met them, or are still unmarried like me. To still be able to count the number of weddings I’ve attended with both hands and still have fingers leftover, I hear, is a rarity. But I’m anticipating adding another wedding to my cherished memories this weekend.

What is the last wedding that you attended? Are you in favor of big to-do’s or small, intimate ceremonies?

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  1. queenpea77 says:

    I can’t remember the last wedding I attended. Like you I don’t get invited to many. But I prefer the smaller, intimate weddings I’ve been to, as I tend feel more involved in the proceedings rather than ‘a face in crowd’ at a bigger event.


  2. Much prefer the small intimate ceremonies, though I just enjoyed watching the royal wedding on replay (and dubbed over in French). The last wedding I recall attending was not long after moving to France, my neighbour became my first French friend and invited us to the wedding in a small French village, we didn’t know anyone there so saw these people all dressed up and followed them inside and sat down – until the bride and groom arrived and we realised we were in the wrong church! We quickly left and found our party, fortunately before the wedding started. It was a memorable moment as you can imagine!


    1. Run Wright says:

      Haha. That is a great story, Claire. You were almost wedding crashers


  3. Jess T. says:

    Weddings just seem so expensive these days, I think small and intimate is the best way to go. It’s great you got invited, I can’t remember the last wedding I’ve been to! Hopefully there are a lot in my future because I think marriage celebrations are one of the best.


    1. Run Wright says:

      It was a beautiful experience, Jess, so I hope you have some of those in your future too 😉

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  4. Nicole Alicia says:

    I with you…I have been married for 9 years and it seemed like 10 years ago weddings were happening more frequently with people we knew but really I think in the last 10 years I’ve only been to about 4 weddings! They were all big to-do’s and I like that. I’ve never really been to a more intimate ceremony. My wedding was like 200 people in attendance and maybe 100 at the reception which I say is fairly small. I wish our friends/family said, “I do” but for some reason that just hasn’t been the case. Great post!


  5. I do like intimate weddings, and when the couple adds personal touches to their ceremony. Have a great time!


    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks, T. It was such a beautiful experience. I cried for most of it


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