Tuesday Thoughts

This weekend, I witnessed a beautiful love story take it’s next step and it reminded me of a piece I wrote about flawed people finding perfect love in each other.  Read an excerpt below:


The girl meets a boy. This is a boy she could love. He is smooth, with skin like hers that hides its scars inside. He reminds her of the self she sees when she looks back in time, not her mirror reflection. When they meet on the street, their sameness doesn’t repel him. It is the first sign that they will defy the rules. He follows her home and she lets him.

The hairs on her neck stay flat and she senses no danger.

Instead, she sees light in his eyes.

If anyone asks, she will tell him they met in church. The truth is he’s only ever gone with her the one time she extended an invitation.

The first night they are together is their first night together and in his arms, she finds a portal to the joy she had heard existed.

He holds her hand, squeezes her arm, kisses and envelops her simultaneously.

She breathes him in.

He tells her stories of a childhood she can’t imagine and an adulthood she imagined wasn’t real.

He sings a song she’s never heard and never wants to end.

They stand in her tiny kitchen and cook eggs and feed them to each other.

They walk in parks and watch others watch them.

They kiss publicly to share their happiness with the world because the feeling would consume them if they kept it to themselves.

She opens her soul and pours the contents at his feet. He cries with her. Then for her.

He offers her salve to coat her wounds and watches her heal, blowing gentle puffs to cool the burns under the bandage as his medicine works.

She lets him, not knowing how wounded she was until new skin grows.

He teaches her the song she never heard, elegant fingers playing her body like a drum and her heart like its accompaniment. She learns to replicate the music on the instrument he brings with him everywhere now, both of them able to break out a serenade in a landfill if necessary.

The bliss won’t last but for now it feels like a springboard that stretches from here to forever.


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