Book Challenge By Erin 9.0

Book Challenge by Erin 9.0 started a month ago but I am joining in now. I think the books that I read since the game started in July will count anyway so below is the list of challenges and my plans to meet them.

The rules:
• The challenge runs from July 1st to October 31st, 2018. No books that are started before 12 a.m. on July 1 or finished after 11:59 p.m. on October 31 will count.
• Each book must be at least 200 pages long. Audio books are fine too.
• A book can only be used for one category, and each category can only be completed once. If you want to switch the category of a book, or change the book you originally chose, no worries.
• You can read your books in any order you choose.
• Rereads can be used only once. If a book you love fits into a category, go ahead and visit it again. Read it in its entirety. But, only do this once for the challenge.
• There will be a photo album for each category with links to books chosen. Please comment on the photo for each of your books when you finish reading them.

Book Challenge by Erin 9.0 – Categories
5 points: Read a book that is at least 200 pages The Little Paris Bookshop /Nina George (read from TBR shelves)
• 10 points: Read a book that starts with the letter “N”  The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny Ever /James Patterson (read from TBR shelves)
• 10 points: Read a book that has a (mostly) orange cover The Emperor of Shoes 
• 15 points: Read a book with an unlikeable character The Amendment /Anne Leigh Parrish (read from TBR shelves)
20 points: Read a book from the list of 100 books that PBS calls “The Great American Read” The Handmaids Tale /Margaret Atwood (read from TBR shelves)
20 points: Read a book with something related to water in the title: Freshwater /Akwaeke Emezi (read from library)
• 25 points: Read a book you’ve owned the longest but haven’t read yet: And The Mountains Echoed /Khaleid Hosseini 
30 points: Read a book with an emotion word in the title: How To Love A Jamaican /Alexia Arthurs (read from library)
• 30 points: Read a book  where each word in the title of the book begins with the same letter: There There /Tommy Orange (read from library)
• 35 points: Read a book featuring a character who shares your profession or similar one: The Finkler Question/Howard Jacobson (read from TBR shelves)

Points Tally: 165/200

Updated 11/1/2018 to reflect the books that I read for the challenge. Book titles in red highlight means I read the book while the books in blue are those I had chosen for a particular category but didn’t get around to.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kay says:

    I wanted to join in the challenge this time but because I’m travelling I thought against it. I may just because I think Ive read several that qualify in July


    1. Run Wright says:

      Did you make a list to participate? I’d love to see how many of them you could read by the end of October.


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