It’s simple, our love – you ask what I’m reading and I tell you the plot,

What I love and hate about the characters,

How the author does what I wish I could but, so far, have not,

And if there was a movie, my dream cast of actors.

I tell you where I wish I was, while reading –

A summer afternoon in the park, lying in the shade

Or burrowed in the couch, sipping tea, not needing,

But wanting, cinnamon toast with orange marmalade.

I read aloud the passage that first made me cry

And the sentence, pure poetry but prose, that dried my tears up,

What I remember thinking when I plucked it from the shelf

And how the experience has measured up.

I flip the pages I still have until the end,

And either smile or frown,

In anticipation of the moment when I flip to the acknowledgments

Then have to put it down,

I tell you what it reminds me of

And what I will say in my video recap

Practice some of the five-dollar words I’ll try to remember

To say before I stop.

Then I simply say, Now you go,

And listen as you tell me the same.

It’s simple, our love,

We’re booklovers – Love’s already in our name.

Original poetry, Copyright © 2018 by Karen Wright

The above is a poem I wrote today. If you’d like to share it, please provide a link back to this page and consider buying me a drink to sip while I write more

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And a big THANK YOU, JUSTIN for fueling today’s writing session 😉


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  1. langlang10 says:

    uplifting prose does good for the spirit, Guiness Cheers n Toast


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