Wrangler’s Rescue by B.J. Daniels | Book Review

One of my favorite series has come to an end. I was introduced to B. J. Daniel’s Montana Cahill series when I signed up to review the first book, Renegade’s Pride, and while I am not a huge fan of romance novels, that one intrigued me because it was so much more than a love story. Click here to read my full review.

Over several months, I read and reviewed 4 of the 7-book-series featuring this Montana family and saw them fall in love, solve crimes and rekindle relationships with erstwhile family members. So while I anticipated seeing the last of the siblings find their own fairytale romance and read about all the loose ends of the family drama being resolved, this final novel is a bitter sweet ending.

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Synopsis from the Publisher

She’ll risk everything to bring her cowboy back home…

One week ago, Cyrus Cahill told Ashley Jo “AJ” Somerfield that he’d be back in her arms by the weekend. He just needed to buy a bull for his ranch, and then they’d pick up where they left off after that romantic ride through the foothills. But now he’s gone missing and everyone—even the sheriff—believes he’s dead.

Everyone…but AJ. She suspects foul play and she won’t rest until Cyrus is back home in Gilt Edge, right where he belongs. Because Cyrus isn’t the kind of cowboy who breaks a promise. And since she’s not the kind of woman who gives up on her man, AJ will risk anything to help bring him home…even her own life.

My Review

Cyrus is the last of the Cahill siblings to find love and this time, he seems to have finally found but lost it just as quickly. Having stirred the interest of the lawyer-turned-meddling-bartender, AJ, Cyrus then leaves home for a business trip but turns up married and/or dead, maybe both. But despite not having shared even a kiss, AJ is sure that if Cyrus was dead, she would “know” it and she takes off for the Caribbean to hunt down the man she loves, and bring him home, dead or alive.

In this page turner, the author gives us cowboys, love at first sight, unrequited love, alcoholism, adoption, family drama, con artists and maybe even a murder mystery to solve. I devoured the entire book in one cold fall afternoon, sitting in the Amazon bookstore cafe and reading on my phone. B.J. Daniels writes romantic suspense well and her characters have all come through so vividly, I feel I can visualize Ely, the father of the Cahill siblings, finally coming down out of the mountains and becoming the patriarch the family no longer needs but so desires, as he helps them cope with the tragedy in an unconventional way. And having met each of the adult siblings in a previous book, it was a treat to revisit characters I followed closely in earlier installments and to see the progress of their relationships as they navigate their own brand of happily-ever-after. While Daniels introduces controversial themes in her writing, including but limited to complicated love triangles and manipulative relationships, she is excellent and bringing to life sympathetic characters that will have you rooting for them, even when they don’t do what you wish they would. I found the plot to be well conceived so that the characters strengths were utilized in multiple places and it all came together to achieve a masterful work.

Don’t miss this suspenseful conclusion of The Montana Cahills series from New York Times bestselling author B.J. Daniels.

I read a free electronic copy of this new release courtesy of Netgalley but all opinions are my own. Click here to purchase your own copy of Wrangler’s Rescue and help me get more books to review.

Author, B.J. Daniels

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