Life Update – I’m Married

I haven’t been blogging as often as before. That’s because there’s been a lot brewing in my non-blogging life. There have been a lot of career writing projects that consumed my time and a new relationship that took all the time that was left over. Recently, that new relationship became even more serious and I got engaged and started planning a wedding. Turns out that takes a lot of time… who knew. Added to that, I didn’t want a long engagement so we decided to plan our wedding in less than two months (one month if you count all the procrastination after we set the date). I learned a lot about time management and I still haven’t perfected that art. So a lot of what I used to do got pushed on the back burner, at least until wedding details were settled.

And then there was the wedding itself. I ordered everything that could be delivered and took a few days for the last minute preparation – which included sorting things that needed to go to my bridal suite, things to go straight to the church, things to be sent to the reception hall. I found out that there were things I would have loved to do but just didn’t have time so it came down to figuring out what really mattered and what didn’t so I could move on to  just sit with a cup of something special and luxuriate in the feeling of being a bride. Me. A bride! It still feels surreal but I am glad I took some time to enjoy it before the once-in-a-lifetime period dissipated.

That being said, I have to announce that I am totally an Amazon bride. So many of the things I used for the wedding came from Amazon vendors. I signed up for Amazon Prime and got things delivered from my wedding dress to the cake topper and the boxes to pack our favors.

Here’s a link to some of the items I purchased if you’re planning a special day yourself and need some recommendations. Now that I’ve used them, I have also included some short reviews for each item so you’ll know how it all worked out.

Affiliate links are included so if you click the links and make a purchase (even if you buy other things not listed below), I make a small commission to help me pay for all the stuff I bought. Thanks. if you’d like to send me a post-wedding drink, you can also click the link below.

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For our wedding, I used these 3 x 3 x 3 inches White Paper Boxes with Lids to put cake for our guest favors. It cost $19.99 for 100 boxes and I purchased 2 sets. They were easy to assemble and durable and were the perfect blank canvas for us to embellish if we wanted to.I also bought these 7/8 inch ribbons in plum which were the perfect match for our wedding accent color. and looped the ribbon through the gift tags…

Speaking of gift tags, these “Thank you for celebrating with us” tags were sourced from Amazon as well. 

I didn’t use the twine that came with the gift tags so I’ll save it for a craft project instead.

Although I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, I knew that I wanted to wear a tiara on my special day. It’s not every day a girl gets to be a princess so I wanted to take advantage of it and this look didn’t break my pocket either.  

My Review: I looked at a lot of tiaras on Amazon and I liked the pictures that they showed with the product description for this one – I felt like  got a real sense of what it would look when I got it, instead of others where I read reviews that said the description didn’t match what they received. I was delighted when I opened the box the day before my wedding and the metal tiara had some weight to it but it didn’t feel heavy. The band doesn’t go all the way around so it will fit into whatever hairstyle. I wore my hair in a bun and it fit securely on my head as is, but I also stuck a couple pins through each of the loops to keep it stable. I kept it on for about 7 hours and it was comfortable.

I wore these Silver sparkly shoes and they fit even better than expected. They came with matching ribbons to tie up my calf but I didn’t need that for the wedding although I might use them next time I wear these.

My groom and I both work with children so we had some of our favorite kids serve as our attendants and for the boys, I ordered these bowties that were cheaper than if I’d purchased the fabric and made them myself. It cost $12.99 for 8 pre-made ties, secure with hooks and fasteners. Professional product for a great price.

And those are Tuesday’s tips, courtesy of my recent wedding experience. More wedding-related news coming soon. I hope you’ll be back. Have a great day.

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  1. Shalini says:

    Wow congratulations… Pretty nifty using Amazon
    And wish you a very very happy married life


    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks so much, Shalini. It’s off to a great start 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kay R. says:

    Ooh girl 2 months to plan? Id have lost my mind. I had 6 months and thought it was the most stressful thing haha. I bought a lot of amazon and Etsy also including my birdcage veil, cupcake holders and liner for favours, sand for my unity sand thing etc and for my Invitations, ‘guest book’ canvas, bridal party gifts etc I used Etsy.

    BTW you looked absolutely beautiful and I am incredibly happy for you. I know the glowing feeling having just gone through it. Please enjoy every moment and I truly wish God’s blessings on your union. YAY YOU’RE MARRIED!!!


    1. Run Wright says:

      Hey Kay. Yeah, we just wanted to get married so we could start that next phase of our lives. Thanks for welcoming me into the “married ladies club”. I’ve heard there are lots of secrets so feel free to share them now 😉


  3. Kate W says:

    How exciting! Congratulations and glad you enjoyed the day.


  4. Purple is my favorite color! Everything was so pretty.💜


    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks, La La. The plum shade we used is my favorite too!


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