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For the past four years I think, I’ve participated in a biannual reading challenge hosted on Facebook by a Texan living in Australia and who I feel like I’ve come to know, along with the dozens of other participants who share reading experiences and bond over bookish comments on the site. Some rounds, I’ve finished in the nick of time, other times, I have read most but not all of my list. This time, the group name has changed (slightly) but I am back to try it again and perhaps the name change will help me be more successful this time. The challenge takes place over 4 months – January to April (another round comes later in the year) and is to read 10 books that meet specific categories during that period. While I usually read about 10 books in a single month, I haven’t been very good at creating a TBR and sticking to it within the time limits so on several rounds, I’ve found myself still scrambling to finish up my reading list by the deadline, and even failing to meet it. For round 10, I am going to try to choose books that I am already planning to read for one reason on another, and try to include books that I own so I don’t have to wait for a library reserve to come in or find a place to fit it in my book buying budget (Updated: only 5 of the ten books I chose are on my shelves already but 2 more are already on hold at my library and I’ll just have to get the others before too long)

If this sounds like something you’d like to try too, click here to join the Facebook group

Below are the 10  categories and the books I have selected to meet them:
• 5 points: Freebie – Read a book that is at least 200 pages – An Absolutely, Remarkable Thing /Hank Green 
• 10 points: Read a book that was made into a movie – The Autobiography of Malcolm X /Alex Haley changed to Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
• 10 points: Read a book that is set in Europe – Something To Answer For /P.H. Newly changed to Girl At War by Sara Novic
• 15 points: Read a book that was a Newberry Award winner (medal winner or honor book); this link should help:…/newberymedal/newberyhonors/newberymedal ***for this category only, since many children’s literature books may be shorter, the page number requirement is only 100 pages – 1966 Medal Winner: I, Juan de Pareja /Elizabeth Borton de Trevino changed to After Tupac and D Foster by Jacqueline Woodson 
• 20 points: Read a book that is a friend or family member’s favorite…or the favorite book by another participant in this challenge – Raise The Titanic /Clive Cussler
• 20 points: Read a book originally published over 100 years ago – The Souls of Black Folk /W.E.B. du Bois Published 1903
• 25 points: Read a book with six words (and only six words) in the title – The Girl He Used to Know /Tracey Garvis Graves

• 30 points: Read a book with a compass or cardinal direction in the title – The Death of Mrs Westaway /Ruth Ware
• 30 points: Read a book that was originally published in a different language than your own – The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness /Kyung-Sook Shin  One Part Woman /Perumal Murugan 
• 35 points: Read a book that begins with the letter “N” – Nine Perfect Strangers /Liane Moriarty New People /Danzy Senna 

I will continue to update this list as I read the books so that you can help keep me on track as well. A book title with a red highlight means I’ve read it (I know it’s clever to use red to denote read)

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  1. Kay R. says:

    Ive been in the group since 2015 but never participated. Im doing it this rounds and used this same strategy! I looked at my TBR and saw what could fit first. I also made sure at least one Netgalley read was in there. Basically killing all the birds with one stone.


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