Books Around The World 2018

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I’m an avid reader but that I also love a good reading challenge. I frequently participate in readathons to test how many books I can read in a specific time frame. I also love a good reading challenge that gives me a list of prompts and I find titles that meet those specifications and read them within a time period. But even more than that, I like testing myself by playing games with the books I read.

In 2017, one of those personal challenges was to see if I could read a book from a country that started with each of the letters of the alphabet. It sounded great in theory but it’s impossible to accomplish because there are no independent countries that begin with W or X. In 2018, I would have liked to do the challenge again and make it even harder to accomplish by trying to change the countries that I used for each letter. That is also impossible to accomplish seeing that there is only one country that starts with O and Q ( Oman and Qatar) so instead, I’ll wanted to give myself the freedom to reuse the countries, as long as I read from a different author, and maybe even a different genre.

Click the bullets below to see my “read around the world in 2017” book list:

Above was the goal I set at the beginning of 2018. My actual reading didn’t quite cover as many different countries as I would have liked. I read a lot of books that were set in countries around the world, but even with the letters W and X excluded, there were other letters of the alphabet that I didn’t cover. So I decided to list all the books I read in 2018 that were set around the world, listed alphabetically. The concession is that even if I didn’t cover every letter, that I had multiple countries with the same initial. So it wasn’t a complete challenge but it was definitely a good attempt.

  • Australia – The Dry
  • Australia – Narrow Road To The Deep North
  • Barbados – Washington Black
  • Canada – Washington Black
  • Canada – The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman
  • China – The Emperor of Shoes
  • Denmark  – Meet Me at The Museum
  • Egypt – In a Free State by V. S. Naipaul
  • France – The Elegance of The Hedgehog
  • France – Little Paris Bookshop
  • France – Petronille
  • France – Life Form
  • Finland – The Summer Book
  • Germany – Go Went Gone
  • Greece – Putney
  • India – White Tiger
  • India – The Lowland
  • India – Midnight’s Children
  • India – God of Small Things
  • India – Life of Pi
  • India – Heat and Dust
  • Ireland – From A  Low and Quiet Sea by Donal Ryan
  • Ireland –John Banville’s The Sea
  • Israel – Horse Walks Into A Bar
  • Italy – Elena Ferrante Days of Abandonment
  • Japan – Trial at Mount Koya
  • Japan – Convenience Store Woman
  • Japan – Fear and Trembling
  • Japan – The Frolic of Beasts
  • Jamaica – A Brief History of Seven Killings
  • Jamaica – How To Love A Jamaican
  • Korea – I’ll Be Right There by Kyung Sook-Shin
  • Netherlands – The Dinner
  • Netherlands – The Goldfinch
  • Netherlands – Flights
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam by Ian McEwan
  • New Zealand – The Luminaries
  • Nigeria – Stay With Me
  • Nigeria -Freshwater
  • Norway – The Woman In Cabin 10
  • Philippines – The Woman Who Had Two Navels
  • Poland – The White Book
  • Poland – The Complete Maus
  • Romania – The Fox was Ever The Hunter
  • Romania – The Girl They Left Behind
  • South Africa – The Conservationist
  • South Africa – The Mandela Plot
  • South Africa – Life and Times of Michael K
  • South Africa –  Disgrace
  • Sweden – Pippi Longstocking
  • Switzerland – Hotel Du Lac
  • Ukraine – Voices from Chernobyl
  • United Kingdom – Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine (Scotland)
  •  United Kingdom – The Remains of the day (England)
  • United Kingdom – The Humans (England)
  • United Kingdom – Winter (England)
  • United Kingdom – The Outcasts of Time (England)
  • United Kingdom – The Cellar (England)
  • United Kingdom – The Buried Giant (England)
  • United Kingdom – Snap (England)

In 2018, I didn’t read from any countries that began with the letters, H, L, M, O, Q, T, V, W, X, Y or Z. Let’s see whether I can complete the alphabet (as much as is possible) in 2019.

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  1. Kay R.D. says:

    I see two from Romania and suddenly they are on my list!


    1. Run Wright says:

      haha. I hear you!


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