2019 Goals and Resolutions

Steve Harvey said your vision board should have some dreams so big, even you get scared imagining them coming through. When I think about my big plans, I get a little overwhelmed but it also motivates me to work towards them. But as I make my towards those big scary dreams, I include the following in my list of 2019 goals:

  • I will publish 3 books – a short story collection, an illustrated poetry book and a novel. My debut!
  • I will become a bestselling author – whether the designation comes from Amazon, the New York Times or some other revolutionary site that hasn’t been created yet but will be used to track book sales, whatever they use to say your books are selling a lot, they will print my name as one of those bestselling female authors 🙂
  • I will grow my YouTube channel to 5K subs (currently 1335) Click to subscribe if you haven’t already 
  • I will write everyday and publish something everyday. Whether it’s just a  few lines on my blog, something on Twitter, a poem that I share on Instagram. Whatever “published” means, I will share my writing with the world everyday.
  • I will be my healthiest self – daily exercise, eating nutritious food, getting enough rest, proper hair care
  • I will do my daily diligence to grow as a wonderful wife
  • I will be an effective leader of my youth club
  • I will be financially stable – debts paid off, credit restored, money in the savings account, that kind of stability.
  • I will visit Jamaica with my new husband 😉
  • I will plan and attend our quinquennial camporee in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin
  • I plan to read 120 books this year
  • Grow my bookish business Runwright Reads Book Box (click here to check it out)

Bookish Goals and challenges I’m participating in during 2019 (click below to watch the video)

  • Goodreads challenge to read 120 books by year end
  • POP SUGAR challenge to read books that match the 50 prompts listed here (click for link)
  • ABC Country challenge to read from different settings so country initials complete the alphabet
  • Man Booker Winner challenge to read all the previous winners in publication order
  • Unread Shelf Project to read 40 books that were already on my shelves at the start of the year

There are always a few more goals, plans of a more personal nature that I have to hold a little closer to my chest. Know that I have made them, I have written down the vision and I will take the steps to reach them. When they happen, I’ll tell you.

Each month, I will share monthly goal posts to keep track of my progress, and hopefully help to motivate you as you reach towards your goals as well.

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What about you? What is your most daunting goal this year? What are you most excited to accomplish? 

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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