July TBR

I often making a reading list at the beginning of the month because I participate in reading challenges and want to keep track of how I am progressing with meeting those goals. Below is a list of titles of books that are part of my July reading plans.  The first two titles are secret because I am using them to judge a book prize and cannot comment on my participation until the end of July.  Leave me a comment below if you’ve read any of the others and want to discuss them, or if you’re reading them this month as well and want to share the reading experience with me.

  1. Booktube Prize Nominee #1
  2. Booktube Prize Nominee #2
  3. Booktube Prize Nominee #3
  4. Gather Together In My Name /Maya Angelou
  5. The English Patient /Michael Oondatje
  6. The Remains of the Day /Kazuo Ishiguro
  7. Rites of Passage /William Golding
  8. The Bone People /Kerry Hulme
  9. The Old Devils /Kinglsey Amis
  10. Last Summer /Kerry Lonsdale
  11. Summer By The Tides /Denise Hunter
  12. The Kiss Quotient /Helen Hoang
  13. The Bride Test /Helen Hoang
  14. The Victim /Saul Bellow
  15. Last Orders / Graham Swift
  16. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants /Ann Brashares
  17. The History of Rain /Niall Williams
  18. The Tesla Legacy / K . K. Perez
  19. The Editor /Steven Rowley
  20. There’s A Word For That /Sloane Tanen
  21. Unmarriageable /Soniah Kamal
  22. A Far Field /Madhuri Vijay
  23. Love From A to Z /S K. Ali
  24. The Land of Green Plums /Herta Muller

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As if it wasn’t already challenging enough, I’ve since added the following books to my reading list for July.

  1. All Quiet On The Western Front /Erich Maria Remarque


Throughout the month, I will revisit this list and highlight in red the titles as I’ve read them, and include links to reviews if you’d like to see what I thought about each one.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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