August 2019 TBR

Some of my reading plans for August are:

  • to read 31 books in the 31 days this month
  • to publish a bookish video every day on my Youtube channel
  • to read some books written in other languages by female authors and translated to English (Women in Translation)

Watch the video where I announce my plans

My TBR list for the month includes these titles:

  1. A House for Mr. Biswas /V. S. Naipaul
  2. Bird by Bird /Anne Lamott
  3. The Secret History /Donna Tartt
  4. Too Much Happiness /Alice Munro
  5. A Place For Us / Fatima Farheen Mirza
  6. Blind Assassin /Maragaret Atwood
  7. Last Orders /Graham Swift
  8. Greed /Elfriede Jelinek
  9. Love In The New Millennium /Can Xue
  10. Gourmet Rhapsody /Muriel Barberry
  11. Fever Dream /Samanta Scweblin
  12. Celestial Bodies /Jokha Alharthi
  13. Flights /Olga Tokarczuk
  14. State of Lies /Siri Mitchell (Click to read my Review) 
  15. A Beginner’s Guide to Winning An Election /Michael R. French (Click to read my Review) 
  16. Rites of Passage /William Golding
  17. Disgrace /J. M. Coetzee
  18. The Famished Road /Ben Okri
  19. History of Rain /Niall Williams
  20. Love From A to Z /S. K. Ali
  21. Unmarriageable /Soniah Kamal
  22. A Far Field /Madhuri Vijay
  23. A Little History of the World /E. H. Gombrich (started in July)

I will update the list with the a red highlight to indicate the books as I read them, and links to my reviews once I record my thoughts about the reading experience.

I am also posting reading vlogs over on my Youtube channel to share my progress as I try to read the above listed 23 books plus another 8 titles that I will choose during the month. Click to watch my first reading vlog of the month and subscribe for future videos


What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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