It’s Not Over by Joshua Gagnon | Book Review

How big is your dream? Is it a regular dream or is God-sized? In his book, It’s Not Over, pastor and church pioneer, Joshua Gagnon, shares his thoughts on how to recognize and pursue your God-sized dream:

A God-sized dream is a compelling vision, goal, or longing that drives us toward something too big for us to accomplish on our own. It’s a dream or a yearning we feel inside – usually it’s something that we deeply desire to achieve or experience – and yet we often have no idea how to bring it about.

Within the pages of this well-organized and very readable book, Gagnon includes definitions, motivations and examples ranging from his own experiences to big stories like the one about how Harlan Sanders pursued his own God-sized dream and introduced KFC to the world, fulfilling his ambition for building a legacy for his family but also serving his community in a big way. And speaking of Colonel Sanders, the example he uses to first illustrate his thesis speaks to the aptly chosen title for the book: It;s Not Over, even if you’ve been waiting a long time for your God-sized dream to come true (Sanders started KFC after he passed retirement age and after he had failed at other ventures).

What makes It’s Not Over different from just any other self-help book is how Pastor Gagnon ties the pursuit of personal ambition with fulfilling the gifts and talents that we all received from God and using what we are already good at, and the community that we already part of, to fulfill the destiny for which we were born.

Whether you are a Christian or just looking to find and achieve your purpose, whether you want to start a ministry or build a legacy, whether you want to help others or are seeking help for your own vision, this book provides tools to help identify and use the resources that are already in place to accomplish just that.

As the pastor of one of the fastest growing “next-gen” churches, Joshua Gagnon is just the person to write this book too because of the obstacles he faced in starting a church in a part of the country where organized religion is not a priority. And from the foreword, written by Pastor Mark Batterson, it is obvious that Gagnon is not one to let perceived roadblocks be a hindrance. If you’ve used up every excuse about why you can’t pursue and accomplish your own God-sized dream, this might be the book for you.

What The Publishers Say About It’s Not Over

Disappointed with your life? Worried you’ll never achieve your dreams? Don’t be discouraged; it’s not over!

As children, we dream of someday being a superhero or an astronaut, a parent or a business owner, an actress or a sports star. The more outrageous the dream, the more sure we are that it will happen! Yet as we mature, hardships, hurts, and failures chip away at our dreams. Our past longings can seem like the naive wishes of childhood instead of the foundation of the life we were meant to live.

In It’s Not Overpastor Joshua Gagnon, founder of the Next Level Church network, reminds us that we were born to dream—and to dream big. In fact, our dreams have the power to shape our lives. Join Joshua in discovering the answers to these questions and many more:

  • How does dreaming help you discover your purpose?
  • How do you identify whether a dream is even worth chasing?
  • How do you overcome resistance, criticism, and doubt?
  • How do you pray bold prayers when you don’t feel like praying at all?
  • How do you finish strong on the journey toward your dream?

If you find yourself minimizing your dreams or feeling defeated by inner or outer resistance, there is good news: it’s not over! As long as you have breath in your lungs, God has a dream for you to chase. It’s what you were created for. And you can start today.


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  1. Sara Strand says:

    Thank you for being on this tour! This is definitely one I’m interested in reading. Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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