The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren | Book Review

When a freebie queen tries to comp her wedding, she wins sub-par food and all the wedding guests get food poisoning, with the exclusion of the bride’s twin sister and the groom’s brother, who hate each other. Since they are too sick to make their honeymoon, a complimentary trip to Hawaii, they give the trip to the sister and brother who end up going and… falling in love? starting a relationship?Whatever happens, they get to know each other better and start putting aside their differences, only to return to real life and get wrapped up in the drama between the newlyweds, forcing them to take sides and strain their own relationship.
On one level, this is a fun and enjoyable read. However, the narrative is littered with body conscious references which might be a trigger for readers with body positivity issues. The main character was a curvy Latina who kept defending her appearance and her love interest seemed to refer to her body constantly, in both positive and negative ways.
However, I enjoyed the morality that the authors tried to include in the story where the characters tried to come clean after they had done wrong, even when it was to their disadvantage. I am usually more satisfied when a story isn’t resolved in a neat and tidy bow and this definitely felt more like real life than just a fairy tale ending so that characteristic elevated the novel in my estimation.
I would definitely read more from this author.

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