All Things Reconsidered by Knox McCoy | Book Review

Popular podcaster and author Knox McCoy offers readers a unique blend of humor, Bible stories, pop culture references, and personal stories that show how asking tough questions and approaching life with a willingness to reconsider ideas can allow them to grow in their faith.

What would it mean to really examine what you think you know about yourself and your beliefs? To not just rely on the generic platitudes you’ve always recited to yourself but to look more deeply into why you think what you think?

After exploring how pop culture shaped his life and carved out the foundations of his faith in his debut book, The Wondering Years, Knox McCoy began to think more deeply about those foundations and how they had evolved, changed entirely, or stayed the same. The result of this soul-searching led to a book about the necessity of reexamining our ideas and identities throughout our lives and how we grow as a result.

In a look back at his own life and the fundamental convictions—both secular and spiritual—he’s pondered over the years, Knox deploys his signature self-deprecation and an academic approach of understanding the absurd, whether discussing the social hierarchy of Sesame Street or the cultural allergy to participation trophies. Along with these voyages into the humorous and the mundane come deeply vulnerable revelations from Knox’s heart as he interrogates his own foundational beliefs. His stories will encourage readers to think about their own convictions and how reconsidering them leads to a deeper understanding of what they believe and why.

My Review

It can be enjoyable to simply read well-told anecdotes from a person’s life but Knox’s philosophy borne from living out those experiences and that he wraps up in his memories with comic efficacy make this a universally relatable but also entirely readable self-help book. His observations and advice are sandwiched between chuckle-inducing comments at times and subtle, smile-worthy sentences at others times but I think every joke was well-placed and helped to make All Things Reconsidered a witty resource instead of merely a funny book. Everyone has some lesson they can teach us and Knox McCoy’s is to prompt you to reconsider some of the questions you might have thought you’d already answered. Whether you change your answers or not, the questions are worth contemplating. Take for instance his essay on Nap-time, an easy draw for me as the parent of a young child who is starting to resist (and by that I mean really resist) naps. While he describes the need for and benefits to routine and predictability in raising children, the moral of the story is how sometimes going away from the norm is best. His writing style draws deeply on the use of footnotes , since he shares the back-story and the scoop on the back-story to his stories and reading the notes amps up the humor at least another notch.

All Things Reconsidered was a fun but intellectually stirring and inspiring read and one where you can start anywhere;  pick a chapter topic and dive in as you see fit, even if putting it down once you’ve started might prove to be a little harder.


Note: I received a complimentary copy of All Things Reconsidered from the publisher in order to complete this review

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