Falling Home by Hallie Lord | Book Review

Sometimes it feels like my life has been a series of stops and starts with occasional disappointments that felt like they had derailed my entire life plan when they were happening but that eventually gave way to even better opportunities. Hallie Lord’s book Falling Home resonates with me because I have learned that when I changed my view about what was “supposed to happen” and accepted the better things that were in store for me, I began to see God’s purpose and plan that is always better than anything I dreamed up on my own.

In the Foreword to this book, Jennifer Fulwiler recalls being unwilling to give up what she considered a prized possession, and getting it back in an even better state than it was before. It can be hard to look past right now, the good-enough, and imagine that some future not yet known, could be better. Yet, Hallie Lord explores a faith which teaches that our lowest points are not resting places but that when we fall, if we stand up and look around, we’ll realize that our crash landing wasn’t a wreck but a place to start again.

My Review

enjoyed the personal tone of this book which reads like an intimate catching-up conversation with an old friend. From the very first chapter where Hallie mentions two names without identifying one of them, almost as if we are already familiar. I liked that she gave us not just the anecdotes of her lives but the lessons she has learned from them, and the process it took for her to come out of dark tunnels celebrating the journey. I also really admired that she chose to write this book during a period of uncertainty about a significant relationship in her life, showing that even when some things are figured out, that others don’t necessarily fall into place, and that the journey of becoming may extend past the recognition of the need to be made new. 

Falling Home is chock full of recollections and family stories that are humorous and endearing and each chapter begins with a quote that shows how a little humor can sometimes be just the inspiration you need. Connecting all the stories, however, is the veneer of Hallie sharing her faith in God and His plan for the moments that make up a life.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Beloved speaker and radio host Hallie Lord shows how to use unexpected hardships and challenges to build a life that will make you more secure and grounded than ever before.

Hallie Lord understands the upheaval life can bring. From her parents’ divorce when she was a preteen to moving eleven times in fifteen years with her family, the radical changes she faced relentlessly pushed her toward fear and helplessness. Yet by digging into her faith and through much self-reflection, she realized that even though those challenges had left her a bit battered and bruised, they had also equipped her for any difficulty that may arise.

In Falling Home, she describes the four interconnected foundations that now give her strength and security during life’s upheavals:

  • committed, supportive friendships,
  • healthy family relationships,
  • an intimate love affair with God, and
  • a compassionate sense of self.

Inviting readers into her hard-fought journey, Lord shows them how they, too, can embrace whatever life brings their way. With lyrical prose and a tender, inviting voice, she shares how hurts and sacrifices are also the groundwork for creating a beautiful life that can catch them whenever they fall.

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Book Details

  • Title: Falling Home
  • Author: Hallie Lord
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 187
  • Publication Date: February 2021
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishing

Note: I received a complimentary copy of Falling Home from the publishers Thomas Nelson Publishing and TLC Book Tours in order to complete this review. However, this gift did not influence my opinion of the book

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