Captain Cake Meet The Candy Crew by Chris Skinner | Book Review

We eat a lot of sweets in my home so it’s fun to read about candy and Captain Cake Meet The Candy Crew is written so it can be read to young children but also has a storyline that could be adapted for older readers as well. In what seems to be the first installment in a series, “sweet” characters are introduced as part of a team where their individual contributions vary from superpowers to logical abilities and general resourcefulness. While the Candy Crew’s jobs are not very complicated, they certainly depend on each member to work cohesively in the group. There seems to be very valuable lessons that could taught from reading this book which builds on the power of diversity. Whether this book is being read aloud by an adult guide or a child is reading on their own, the book provides these kinds of thinking opportunities because there are moments where the text includes reflection questions.

There were also racial and perhaps gender ambiguities reflected in the characters’ appearances which made the book seem to very inclusive. I think both the artwork and storyline in Candy Crew could be used to start important conversations about recognizing and appreciating differences. 

I enjoyed reading Candy Crew with my toddler and while she is more focused on the pictures right now, as well as perhaps getting a kick out of me trying to explain that a character blasts chocolate from his hands, this is the kind of book that will stay in our library for us to revisit as she gets older.

Note: I received a complimentary copy of Captain Cake Meet The Candy Crew from the publishers Marshall Cavendish Children because of a promotion being done by TLC Book Tours. The above review reflects my honest opinion of the book.


Book Details

Title: Captain Cake Meet The Candy Crew

Author: Chris Skinner

Format: Softcover

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children

Publisher Synopsis

General Rock needs a crew for his new spaceship, The Sweet Candy. He calls upon Captain Cake, Lieutenant Chocolate, Sergeant Jelly and Private Potato to team up and venture where no sweet has gone before. Will the Candy Crew know how to work together?

The Series

Join Captain Cake and his friends Lieutenant Chocolate, Sergeant Jelly and Private Potato as they journey through space, going where no sweet has gone before. The Captain Cake stories will entertain young readers and explore themes such as friendship, teamwork and bravery.

Learn more about Captain Cake and the Candy Crew at

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