Tahira In Bloom by Farah Heron | Book Review

Oh to be 17 again. But this time, to be 17 with a plan for how to live your life as a fashion designer, a plan that you and your family have been working on since you first created couture garments for your Barbie collection at age 7, a plan that’s more of a schedule where you’ve been hitting milestones including getting a summer internship with a Paris-bound designer. But despite all the best laid plans, summer never actually works out like you think it will.  

I am new to Farah Heron’s novels but this YA targeted romance makes me want to seek out her adult books too. Her main character, Tahira, is inspiring, with her laser sharp focus and the incredible work ethic that reflects what we think we know of Asian values. Tahira in Bloom is very in-the-moment showing characters using social media platforms to make personal connections but also to bolster their career plans, with discussions about Instagram influencer opportunities and Tik-Tok marketing, and the value and downsides of technological tools. And yet the book is also fun, engaging with characters who seem very realistically drawn, like people we already know or want to meet if we haven’t yet – they are designers and animal lovers and even Booktubers, who may be some of the best people but I’m totally biased there.

The book is also a gorgeous object – the cover image includes a representation of a beautiful, brown skinned young lady, confidently making eye contact with the reader, an assortment of large floral buds in the background. The naked hardback features a green spectrum fade, decorated with blooms on the front and back cover. The details are impressive.

I really enjoyed reading Tahira In Bloom and highly recommend it as a book you can gift a teenager knowing that they will be entertained and maybe even inspired by the story but also love owning this book that feels like a treasure to hold. 

Publisher Synopsis

Life is full of surprises in a winning novel about a girl dreaming big during one unexpected small-town summer.

When seventeen-year-old aspiring designer Tahira Janmohammad’s coveted fashion internship falls through, her parents have a Plan B. Tahira will work in her aunt’s boutique in the small town of Bakewell, the flower capital of Ontario. It’s only for the summer, and she’ll get the experience she needs for her college application. Plus her best friend is coming along. It won’t be that bad.

But she just can’t deal with Rowan Johnston, the rude, totally obsessive garden-nerd next door with frayed cutoffs and terrible shoes. Not to mention his sharp jawline, smoldering eyes, and soft lips. So irritating. Rowan is also just the plant-boy Tahira needs to help win the Bakewell flower-arranging contest–an event that carries clout in New York City, of all places. And with designers, of all people. Connections that she needs!

No one is more surprised than Tahira to learn that floral design is almost as great as fashion design. And Rowan? Turns out he’s more than ironic shirts and soil under the fingernails. Tahira’s about to find out what she’s really made of–and made for. Because here in the middle of nowhere, Tahira is just beginning to bloom.

About Farah Heron

After a childhood filled with Bollywood, Monty Python, and Jane Austen, Farah Heron constantly wove uplifting happily ever afters in her head while pursuing careers in human resources and psychology. She started writing her stories down a few years ago and is thrilled to see her daydreams become books. The author of Accidentally Engaged and The Chai Factor, Farah writes romantic comedies for adults and teens full of huge South Asian families, delectable food, and most importantly, brown people falling stupidly in love. Farah lives in Toronto with her husband and two teens, a rabbit named Strawberry, and two cats who rule the house. She has way too many hobbies, but her thumb is more brown than green. For more information visit www.farahheron.com.


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