Say All The Unspoken Things by John Sowers | Book Review

If you’re a parent, do you write letters to your children for them to read when they are older?

Say All The Unspoken Things is a book of letters written by John Sowers to his three daughters and I love how this father describes not just the memories he is holding for his girls but also the emotions that they invoke in him and he gives it all a deeper context by connecting his words to God’s love. The letters contain his recollections of things they do as young children, that I imagine them reading about when they are older and chuckling, perhaps thankful that their father recorded these early memories when they have forgotten the moments themselves, but maybe also a bit shy that he shared them with the world. The letters are dated during 2020, a year that will probably be remembered for the pandemic, and it is beautiful that during this time of uncertainty, that Sowers chose to change the narrative and write about the hope that grounds him and that he is teaching his daughter about as well.

While most of the letters are written to his daughters as a trio, there are personalized mementos at the end of the book, as well as advice to the reader to seize the moment and pen her own love letters, as well as a guide for how to communicate the feelings she wants to share.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to you as well. Read this one if you want to write letters to your children or other loved ones and need some inspiration for how to start. Or just read this one because it’s a moving memento of a time that could be remembered for its disasters if not for authors like this also recording and memorializing the beautiful moments.

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing to participate in a publicity tour organized by TLC Book Tours. I was not otherwise compensated and the above reflects my honest opinion about the book.


From The Author

“Many of us go through life with words and feelings stranded in our hearts. Words we deeply feel but never say. Sometimes we never have the chance. We don’t always get to say goodbye. We don’t always know when will be our last hug, high five, smile, laugh or ‘I love you.’ All we have is today, now, and what we do in this one, shining moment.”

Publisher Synopsis

Say All the Unspoken Things is about living, speaking and loving from our deep hearts. Written as personal letters from a father to his daughters, it covers topics such as: bravery, wonder, beauty, kindness, romance, and God’s patient love. This book will help us find our stranded words, speak more freely and move away from a distracted and shallow life.

Book Details

  • Title: Say All The Unspoken Things : A Book of Letters
  • Author: John Sowers
  • Format: Paperback 
  • Pages: 240 
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Publication Date: February 1, 2022


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