What If It’s Wonderful by Nicole Zasowski | Book Review

Perhaps you have allowed fear to govern too many of your years. That fear has made you comfortable in the dark and hyper-vigilant of the light. But you have been given an invitation to release your fears. And now, looking bravely toward the future, the question i have for you is, What If It’s Wonderful?

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Author and marriage and family therapist Nicole Zasowski knows that it’s difficult to trust joy and find the courage to celebrate when you have endured seasons of disappointment and despair. When God has been your faithful anchor in the storm, does joy then leave you unmoored? Nicole reminds us that we can stay tethered to the hope of Christ in seasons of celebration, because even joyful days hold the learning, growth, and intimate encounters with Jesus that our hearts crave.

What If It’s Wonderful? offers a new perspective. With a compelling psychological and spiritual case for the importance of embracing joy and celebration, even when it feels scary, it will help you

  • identify common barriers and hesitancies to experiencing joy, debunk their lies, and overcome your fears,
  • confront toxic messages you have received about joy as you learn to see celebration as an avenue of growth and intimacy with God,
  • approach life with an expectant heart, a receptive posture, and courage to trust God’s good gifts, and
  • stay emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in seasons of joy and celebration.

Things don’t always have to be hard to find God and to stay close to him. Release your fears and accept his beautiful gift of joy and celebration.


I found this book insightful and inspiring.

Book Details

  • Title: What If It’s Wonderful
  • Author: Nicole Zasowski
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 217
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Publication Date: March 9, 2022

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