Need to change

In the past 4 years, I’ve gotten married, move house, had a baby and watched my weight go up and down like the yoyo of my emotions with the life changes. About a year and a half ago, I was so slim, I could wear all the clothes from the back of my closet. You know those clothes. The red dress that had never really fit but was so pretty on the store hanger that I thought I would skip a couple meals and wear it to a (insert fancy event here). Yeah, those clothes fit a little over a year ago. I was chasing a toddler around during the day and pausing (it seems) only to breastfeed her. Yeah, she was drinking that milk for a long time. While that was happening, I didn’t have to think about what I ate, how much of it I consumed, or when I did. The baby eventually grew into a toddler and finally gave up that milk but I guess, I got so used to burning calories without intentionally working out, that I didn’t think of making the adjustment.

The time has come however, when all that has changed. I have a 40+ year old body that’s been put through a lot lately and my eating habits have become terrible and as my kiddo plays more independently, I no longer get as much exercise as I did before. Let’s call that the trifecta of reasons we get fat: Aging, Overeating, Inactivity.

I now weigh a lot. None of my clothes fit. Not the sleek red dress that is still hanging unworn in the closet because I never did go to that fancy event. Not the jeans I used to wear everywhere. Not even the clothes I kept as my fat clothes for those feeling-bloated kinda days. We’re way past that bloated feeling and have entered the health danger zone. I realize I have to make some changes, not just because of vanity but because as we age, keeping excess fat on our bodies can be a gateway to other serious health issues. Especially for people like me who seem to wear that fat around the stomach.

Then. After a run in Central Park in 2012
Now. Reading in Baisley Park in 2022

I used to run. That’s how this blog was born. I used to write about making healthy choices. That’s what the early posts on this page were focused on. I have to get back to that. Yesterday, we drove on the FDR Highway on the East side of Manhattan and we saw young and old runners, some jogging, some sprinting, some moms running with strollers, kids out for runs with their parents. All of it motivated me. By the time we got to Harlem, I was almost itching to trade in my dress clothes for a sports bra and running tights. I didn’t do it right then but I can do it today.

Everyday is a good day for a run. I used to say that. That used to be my motto. But I haven’t gone for a run in so long I wonder if I still remember how. I’m about to find out though. I’m running today. Are you joining me?

Later, I will have to dig into the back of my closet and my dresser to find all my running gear. The running watch that used to record my splits and help me see whether I was getting faster or slowing down as the run progressed. Yeah, I used to track things like that. I’ll look for my tech shirts with the pockets in the back that can secure my phone/ keys/cards while I run. I don’t have to look for my leggings because I’ve been using those as pajamas but I’ll look to see what else I find anyway. I’ll get out the rubber bands I used to use to stretch the muscles and… well, we’ll see what else is there. You certainly don’t need fancy equipment to run. That’s one of the most attractive things about running. You can start without anything other than your body. You don’t even have to have running shoes. There’s an entire community devoted to barefoot running and it’s benefits to your exoskeleton. But I never got into that. My feet are a little tender, so yeah, I’ll see about my running shoes too.

And while I’m rummaging through the closet, I know I’l see that sleek red dress that could barely fit on my hand now, let alone go over my body. Someday, I’ll have to either wear the dress or get rid of it, but today I’ll just keep it there as motivation. Who knows, one of these days, it just might fit again.

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