Is Amazon Prime Day worth the hype?

Is Amazon Prime Day worth the hype? Well, that depends.

Probably like most Americans, I used to dabble in online shopping but during the pandemic, we had a baby at home and even when we could, we didn’t want to go back to shopping in stores. And that’s when I discovered Amazon pantry shopping for items we wanted and were probably prepared to pay a little more to have delivered, but actually ending up getting great deals on. Like juice. My husband and i love Ocean Spray juice and I remember one pantry order in April or May 2020 where we got a case of juice for less than we would have paid retail in the supermarket and then we didn’t have to worry about juice for months. I’m not generally a bulk shopper but that one stands out in my memory and it helps to illustrate my point. We don’t get a lot of Amazon pantry deliveries now but it’s still always worth it to check out what they have, what you can try, and if you can get a $35 order together, you can get a free delivery on heavy/bulky items. I would have loved that back when I lived in Manhattan and didn’t have access to a car for grocery shopping.

But I feel like I’m getting off track. I’m saying over the years, my Amazon use has definitely evolved. Amazon is GREAT for gift giving. In my pre-Amazon years, buying a gift involved going to a store and thinking about an item, maybe going to a competitor’s store to comparison shop and then wrapping or putting in a gift bag and meeting up with the recipient or paying to have it mailed. The convenience Amazon offers is that I can shop for gifts from my phone and have an item delivered to the recipient usually within a couple days, at no additional cost, and without me even having to touch the item. I didn’t know how invaluable that would be until I had a toddler who tries to open every box that comes around us. Imagine me trying to gift someone an item where the box has been partially ripped open by a small child. Because something like that has happened in the not too distant past.

We get toys for our child and gifts for other people’s children on Amazon. We love puzzles and these are some of the ones we have enjoyed getting and gifting recently. My daughter got this Radio Flyer tricycle for her birthday last year and we LOVE it. She can steer and now she tries to pedal but I still have exclusive control of where we go and how fast via the parent push stand. And it has a cup holder because why not!

When our daughter was just a few months old, we got her and her cousin who is 4 months older, some Leap Frog electronic books that say the word when they touch a picture. It does this in English and Spanish, and so now my 2-year-old knows that manzana and apple are the same thing, and rojo and red are the same color. She’s not quite bilingual, but we are working towards it.

When we discovered we were having a baby in 2019, my cousin convinced us to start a registry on Amazon. Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry We didn’t know how much stuff it would require to have and take care of a newborn. Silly me, I thought we’d need a few cloth diapers and a bottle, maybe two, and the baby could sleep on my chest. Well, turns out she did sleep on my chest but some family ordered us a changing table/bassinet/playpen combo that came from Graco via Amazon, that we got tons of use out of as she grew older. We only stopped using it when she got old enough to climb over the sides and it was no longer safe, but man, did we utilize that Graco playpen! Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry Our stroller w/car seat were also Graco items that came from Amazon and I would give that thing 6 star review on Amazon if I could.

We’ve traveled with the stroller to Jamaica twice and used it around NYC almost everyday for 2 years and 8 months and it’s virtually indestructible. Hopefully that’s not a jinx. For something that’s really cheap in the stroller world, it’s worth every penny. Cloth diapers didn’t work for us, although I did give it a valiant attempt, and the mountains of diapers and wipes and diaper cream that came to us on our Amazon registry, we blew through it within a few months and then had to set up our own subscription. Speaking of which, Subscribe and Save makes deliveries of often-used products like diapers and wipes and you can decide how often you want a new delivery. So we have subscriptions for diapers and wipes and petroleum jelly and the Excema cream that my daughter needs and we also get a discount on the products for just ordering them regularly.

We get diapers and wipes at a steep discount on Amazon. I know, I’ve mentioned diapers and wipes like 4 times already but you don’t know how much diapers cost or how many you’ll blow through until you have a small child. Trust me, it’s a lot. Getting a regular subscription helps.

Aside from items we purchase for our daughter, we have also gotten a few items for our household. In the last year or so, we got a upholstery cleaner that works great, a wood chipper because the old oak tree in our backyard drops limbs like nobody’s business and it can be a hassle getting it picked up by the garbage truck. This wood chipper makes mulch that we can use in our garden, or compost and saves us having to buy those things otherwise.

I get camping gear on Amazon like these quick-dry microfiber towels, this canopy that allows us to camp from our car and serve meals to hungry kids who need a little respite from the sun while they collect a plate. I haven’t regretted these coolers or these fans

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Speaking of sun, do you wear sun protection. I am not a fan of sunscreen, I know, I know, but I haven’t yet found one that I wasn’t allergic to but I do try to wear a sun hat these days and it’s absolutely essential for my daughter so we have gotten these recently – a wide brimmed one with a flexible headband for me as my hairstyles and thus, head circumference, changes, and a cute one for the kiddo which she loves. Pictured below, you can see my kiddo on the beach wearing her sun hat and swimsuit which also, incidentally came from Amazon the night before our beach trip when I realized it would be HOT and she would need a rash guard suit to keep her skin protected.

I could rave about Amazon finds all day but I must add that not all Amazon purchases are created equal. I have bought things that didn’t seem like high quality when I got a chance to touch them, and I have since returned those products. One of the things I have tried recently and find invaluable is Amazon’s Try Before You Buy Option that’s available to Prime customers. Find the perfect fit with Prime Try Before You Buy Pick out up to six items that get delivered without being charged to you. You get to try them on, and touch and feel them, for seven days, return what you don’t like without hassle. Perfect for this picky, often indecisive, shopper! I have also bought things that I have seen for better prices elsewhere but I have not seen anything rival the convenience of Amazon delivery, especially for Prime members where most items are delivered to your doorstep or kiosk of your choice within 24-36 hours.

I used to buy a lot of books online (and I still do because some of the books I am looking for, I can’t always find elsewhere) but I try to support my local bookstores whenever possible. I am intentional about visiting a brick and mortar store to look for books and bookish items when I need to purchase a book that would be readily available there. But if you want to consume electronic books, Amazon is the place to go.

Their Audible platform offers books on audio as a great option to print media and I especially love listening to full cast performances that makes me feel like I’m watching a play, or listening to the serial radio that used to stream through the waves when I was a child.

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Affiliate links are included above and below and if you click and make a purchase, I make a small commission.

What I would like to encourage you to do, however, is to check out Amazon for yourself right now during Amazon Prime Day, June 12 and 13. If you’re not already a Prime member, sign up using my link and try it for a month. If you’re not happy, cancel your membership anytime but I am almost certain you won’t regret it and the savings you get from having the membership will recoup what you shell out to pay for Prime.

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