On my birthday in 2017, I decided to begin a 365 day challenge to meet a new person each day. But I didn’t just want to stop there. I came up with a list of 365 different kinds of people that I want to meet and I will be trying to cross one item off this list each day for a year. 


The list comprises people from the almost 200 official countries of the world, each of the 50 United States, alumni from the 8 Ivy League universities, select professionals, some celebrities that I admire, and some random categories to take the pressure off.

This is going to be a challenge – some of these are countries I have never met anyone from in my life and now I’ll be trying to do that as well as everything else but with advance planning and some high level intentional living, on my next birthday, I hope to be able to announce that I have met 365 new people. Maybe I’ll fail, but oh, watch me work on succeeding!