About Me

I’m Karen but people who know me through the blog now call me Run Wright. It’s always funny for me to hear that but I love the validation.

Karen Runwright

I have always felt most comfortable writing but I decided to try making videos too. Click to visit my YouTube channel. I hope you’ll like it enough to subscribe.

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I’m a published author and my collection of stories, It’s Complicated: Short Stories About Long Relationships is available on Amazon

I’m Jamaican but I’ve lived in New York City almost long enough to have lost my accent (not really)… My accent is most distinct when I’m excited (at least once a day) and always when I talk to my mom.

I love running even though I’m not very good at it. I am a Chemical Engineer by training but my true passion is writing – it’s how I express myself best and it’s how I share my dreams with others. I write fiction, poetry, articles, short stories and I have several novels on my computer that are almost ready to be published.

I blog about running, fitness, goals, lessons learned, books, food and balanced living. NYC Road Runner

I’m passionate about being a Christian and try to live to reflect God’s character.

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